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Bird Netting Basics

Bird netting can be a crucial part of your bird repeller game plan. Bird netting is most effective when used to keep birds out of specific areas – to seal open entries and block access by birds. Most bird netting is so strong, it even stands up to larger animals like deer,coyotes, and dogs which can help to protect your garden.

We recommend bird netting as one of the most effective products available. It is typically available in three versions: Standard Bird Netting, Heavy Duty,and Premium. all UV stabilized for durability and strength, even when exposed to the elements.

  • Premium:  Premium grade polyethylene bird netting is durable, long-lasting, efficient,and effective at keeping birds out.
  •  Heavy Duty Bird Netting:  Heavy duty net made from tough polypropylene, seals entries,installs easily, and lasts for decades.
  • Standard:  bird netting seals entry points and blocks access to roosting sites prevent birds from roosting and nesting in undesirable areas.

Bird netting is easy and versatile to install.

With the spring nesting and garden planting season already underway – you might want to get started now on protecting your property and plants from bird problems with this bird repeller solution – bird netting.
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Birds are just plain messy

Birds can be beautiful and graceful and sing delightful, cheery songs but boy can they leave a mess behind! A pigeon can produce a pound of poop in a week, a canada goose can product a pound in a day! If it’s on your home, your property or your business, you need to do something to protect not just the value of your property, but also the health to all the people around as well.

There are great bird repeller solutions and Bird Control products from many companies on Amazon.com, our preferred provider of bird repeller solutions for all situations. Take a look and get a safe, environmental, humane and effective solution to your bird problems.

Get Ready with Bird Repellers

We’re here to remind you that it’s time to start thinking about Bird Repellers. It’s early February, still cold in the North and East but it gets more mild the more southerly that you go which means the birds are coming!

Certainly you’ve still got birds in your area eeking out a living but Spring will bring new growth and the urge for birds to get together and start the next generation.

The best way to protect your property from this nesting drive is probably bird netting. We’ve discussed bird netting and you can see one of our articles here.

With Spring will also come new growth in plants and trees and a new planting season for fruits, vegies and flowers. Check out the other tools we’ve reviewed to see what might be helpful in planning for your planting season so that you keep as much of what you plant for yourself.



10 Applications for Bird Netting

10. Open Architectural Structures: You may have a building with a cupola or belfry or a loft that is open. Even though these areas may not be open to the general public, you’ll want to cover the openings with bird netting to eliminate any nesting and roosting activity in these areas.

9. Architectural recesses and over/underhangs: Birds may roost on overhangs or build nests in underhangs such as roofing awnings or dormer under roofings. You can block off such areas effectively with bird netting.

8. Open air structures with framework: Barns, parking garages,  tents or canopies, gazebos, etc. All of these structures allow flowing air, and flying birds, to enter. You can block off ceiling areas where framework or beams provide nesting and roosting opportunities.

7. External piping, machinery or conduits: On roofing and the sides of buildings, machinery and its appendages offer may tempting spots for birds. Unfortunately, the messes left can be damaging and corrosive and greatly increase the cleaning and maintenance costs for your building.

6. Sculptures, columns and other decorative attachments: Many beautiful and distinctive buildings, with sculpture and decorations adorning the property provide many areas where birds can roost and nest. The messes left can be unsightly and corrosive. Effectively employed, durable but fine-meshed bird netting will keep these areas free from problem without losing the visual impact of this architectural detail.

5. Freshly planted seeds: Bird netting can protect freshly seeded areas from birds and small animals as well. Framed to seal the edges and providing some clearance above the ground, the netting protects the seeds and allows the new plants to sprout with problems.

4. Fragile tree or plant growing cycles: Protecting flowering trees and plants with bird netting can help these plants blossom with fruit or full flowers for your enjoyment. Durable bird netting can even keep small animals away from your plants while allowing insects to enter and pollinate your flowers.

3. Balconies: Using bird netting on open balcony railings can reduce the roosting and messes from birds.

2. Signs, billboards, etc.: Perfect roosting spots can be protected by keeping bird off of letters, light fixtures and ledges created by signs and billboards.

1. Chimneys and gutters: These high objects provide easy and popular roosting locations under which bird mess can really collect. Bird netting can keep birds from getting in to these areas and can help keep your grounds clean.

Bird netting is a safe, durable and cost effective bird repeller solution for protecting areas from the damage that roosting and nesting birds can cause. Check out Bird Netting on Amazon.com.