Why do you need a Bird Repeller?

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not good. Such is the case oftentimes with birds – those feathered friends whose birdsong, antics and even personalities often disrupt our lives past the point of enjoyable co-existence. Both the numbers and the results of the numbers (i.e., the physical remains…) are often not just disruptive but a visual and health concern as well. When we talk about bird repellers, we can break the areas for application as follows: structures – business structures – personal land or open space – business land or open space – personal We break these down by personal and business for several reasons, not because the tools are different, but because the size, aesthetics and choice of solutions may vary.

Some examples of bird repellents may help. Protecting business structures and business spaces is both in the interest of the business in protecting their assets but also valid in protecting their customers as well. Structures that lend themselves to perching or nesting birds will not only leave unsanitary residue that may affect people, plants, even auto paint jobs. Some nesting birds may also become overly protective and be a physical nuisance to people in the vicinity. In this instance, bird repelling devices, such as bird netting to prohibit nesting and perching, bird spikes (again to prevent perching and congregating on structures or things like signs and lamp posts), and sonic devices to incent them to go elsewhere.

Businesses can also involve large structures and areas of land. More aggressive sonic devices may be called for where both audible and ultrasonic is used, provided that people may be more scarce so that audible measures do not disrupt them as well. Visual “scarecrows” may also be employed with such sonic devices – anything from inflatable scare shapes to predator dummies like owls and foxes to low power lasers can be used in warehouses and hangers, golf courses, parks, orchards, and in many other applications.

Personal structures and land, i.e., homes and backyards, are much smaller and less tall than the average commercial building so the scope and solutions will be less involved. Bird netting or animal netting may be useful in backyards to keep birds away from trees, plants or gardens that may be vulnerable, particularly during key portions of the growing season. Ultrasonic bird repellers and bird scares can be effective year round. Bird spikes can protect your house, garage, and any other structures from birds perching.


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    We bought bird netting too, I had a couple of small tomatoes ruined by birdie beaks. Early on there were a couple of nice peppers and a few Juliet (grape) tomatoes – but the hail damaged many plants so might not get any Black Krim tomatoes. I’ve thrown old basil seed around and still had it come up. Don’t give up yet ;-]

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