Bird Netting Basics

Bird netting can be a crucial part of your bird repeller game plan. Bird netting is most effective when used to keep birds out of specific areas – to seal open entries and block access by birds. Most bird netting is so strong, it even stands up to larger animals like deer,coyotes, and dogs which can help to protect your garden.

We recommend bird netting as one of the most effective products available. It is typically available in three versions: Standard Bird Netting, Heavy Duty,and Premium. all UV stabilized for durability and strength, even when exposed to the elements.

  • Premium:  Premium grade polyethylene bird netting is durable, long-lasting, efficient,and effective at keeping birds out.
  •  Heavy Duty Bird Netting:  Heavy duty net made from tough polypropylene, seals entries,installs easily, and lasts for decades.
  • Standard:  bird netting seals entry points and blocks access to roosting sites prevent birds from roosting and nesting in undesirable areas.

Bird netting is easy and versatile to install.

With the spring nesting and garden planting season already underway – you might want to get started now on protecting your property and plants from bird problems with this bird repeller solution – bird netting.
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