Bird Repellers for Business (Issues and Benefits)

In our introductory “Why do you need a Bird Repeller?” article, we talked about the general problem areas for both home and business situations. Here we’ll talk a bit more about the importance of bird repellers for businesses.

When you consider the astounding variety of businesses and business locations, it is very difficult to generalize bird repeller solutions for businesses facing bird roosting, nesting and swarming problems. But the issues caused by bird problems and the benefits of bird repellers can be easily understood.

At your business locations, birds can cause structural damage, noise problems, as well as aesthetic damage from nesting and droppings (which is also a serious health concern for humans). This true for both types of locations, i.e., structures and land or open space situations.

The implications of not dealing with bird problems for these situations include:

  • damage to property (buildings, cars, trucks, landscaping, products, etc.)
  • increased maintenance and cleaning cost
  • health issues for employees
  • property issues for employees (cars, clothes, etc.)
  • health issues for customers
  • property issues for customers (cars, clothes, etc.)
  • loss of business due to mess, smell and general negative environmental affects
  • local, state and/or national health and safety regulatory issues

It’s easy to see that all of these factors will contribute to a general but measurably negative impact on your product(s) and business. The benefits your business will realize by dealing with bird problems are many including:

  • Saving siding, roofs, and insulation from replacement
  • Decreasing aesthetic and materials damage to edging, fencing, vehicles, etc.
  • Eliminating destructive corrosive droppings that destroy capital investments
  • Decreasing costly and disruptive cleaning and maintenance time
  • Improving environment and aesthetics for retaining customers and employees

By dealing proactively with bird problems, businesses reduce risk in many health and legal areas including:

  • Insuring against potential lawsuits and legal liabilities
  • Reducing Professional workman’s compensation claims
  • No FDA and OHSA inspection failures
  • Preventing Health Department citations and fines.
  • Eradicating potentially costly disease sources: Avian Flu, West Nile, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella,E. Coli

In future articles, we’ll look at the building and open space issues that business often have to deal with in addressing bird problems and the types of bird repeller solutions that have proven effective for many businesses. You can also visit the for many great Bird Control products (such as netting, spikes, and more) where you’ll find great prices and a robust review system by actual customers.