Many Bird Repeller Tools

We find if useful to occasionally recap the contents of our blog so that new readers don’t have to hunt too much for the information that they may need as we’ve been helping to identify great bird repeller solutions for over 15 months. (Don’t let that stop you however as we have some great demo videos and information throughout our blog posts…)

There are many tools available to you as bird repellers. They are safe, non-lethal, and effective in keeping birds off of your home, decking, balconies, builidings and other structures. They can be effective for outdoor areas, farms, orchards, fields and other agriculture.

Bird Netting and Bird Spikes very simply keep birds out of or off of structures. These are effective bird repellers for keeping birds out of rafters, porticos, bell towers, and off of awnings, antennas, overhangs, signs, pipes and all other sorts of architectural elements that attract resting birds and lead to lots of bird messes below.

Ultrasonic repeller and Sonic Bird Repellers (some units can do both) are effective for small areas like balconies all the way up to fields, orchards, warehouses, and outdoor factory and building complexes. Using a motion detector can improve the effectiveness of small units on balconies, decks and porches so that the unit is not always broadcasting sonic or ultrasonic signals.

You can watch what happens in this short video when a sonic repeller is turned on at this landfill…


Last but not least, Visual Bird Scares are another item that when used properly can help chase and scare birds away from railings, moored sailboats, rafters, rooftops and other areas. Animal decoys combined with sonic units can work well on golf courses and parks.